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Here at the Compassion Series, we love creating original experiences and resources that help you look at your world through the lens of compassion and understanding, rather than assumption, fear or judgment.

In a culture that often encourages us simply to tolerate one another, we believe that we can and must set the bar higher for ourselves and for our children. Indeed we are called to see and to love one another, and to be people who bring hope, serve well, and celebrate together.

At the helm of The Compassion Series is Tim Huff. Tim worked as a front-line social-justice worker for three decades, is an acclaimed speaker and an award-winning, best-selling author. Tim is also a loving husband and father, a gifted illustrator, a motorcycle enthusiast, and an avid Coke drinker. He has a pretty awesome team and advisory council, too.

Whether in a kindergarten class or a at boardroom table, each Compassion Series book, presentation or interactive session is designed to help you navigate complex social issues with understanding, and will encourage you too to “bring hope, serve well, celebrate” in all you do.

Not sure where to start? Let us help!

Are you looking to…

  • Gain understanding and help your children or class to see and honour the world’s Indigenous Peoples? Start with The Honour Drum.
  • Engage your children’s curiosity about poverty and homelessness? The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge can help.
  • Begin a conversation with your child about understanding disabilities? Start with It’s Hard Not to Stare.
  • Help your child to navigate fear and anxiety? Am I Safe? is an excellent starting point. This book will launch October 2018. Preorder your copy soon!

Our books’ accompanying discussion guides help you dig deeper together by asking and helping to answer important questions about each topic.

Or maybe you’re looking for something for yourself?

  • Bent Hope will immerse you in gripping true-life stories from Tim Huff’s first twenty years working among homeless and street-involved youth and adults in Toronto.
  • Dancing with Dynamite lets you dive into a discussion about the art of acceptance, the miraculous impact of kindness, and the joy of truly belonging.
  • With The Yuletide Factor, you’ll embark on a fascinating exploration of faith and the human spirit, finding goodness in the unlikeliest of times, and in the most improbable of places?
  • Looking for a Compassion Series team member to lead an interactive session, run a workshop or deliver a keynote address? Fill out our speaker request form!

Thanks for reading – we don’t take you or your time for granted. Wherever and however you are today, know that you matter and you are loved.

– The Compassion Series Team

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