Endorsements from those in the Public School System

“Tim and his team came to speak to my grade ones as part of our Community Unit. We were at a point where we understood that communities are designed to provide support to those who live within them. Tim read his children’s book The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge and talked to the children about homelessness, and more importantly, about the people they see who are homeless – people with stories and childhoods and families. The children absorbed this message as only children can do, as if they knew the reactions they’d observed as adults walked right past homelessness and poverty personified was not the whole story. Their understanding deepened as they experienced the Compassion Series stations, and they rallied when Tim’s book suggested that action was the next step, deciding to launch a food drive to support our community food bank.

Just as Tim’s book for adults, Bent Hope, opened my heart wide years ago, his visit and The Compassion Series helped open my student’s hearts. But, more importantly, he helped them to understand that compassion is about more than helping others. They learned that compassion comes from understanding and from coming to see all the ways we are the same as one another, rather than from a position of privilege. As one of my students told me, ‘I get it now! If we understand our friends first, then we can help to lift them up.’

I would be remiss to not add – over the years, I have been in the audience to hear Tim speak to large groups of adults, fans at book launches and even intimate gatherings at book clubs. What amazed me is that when Tim came to bring The Compassion Series to my classroom of six year olds he spoke with the same respectful, engaging and loving voice. He never spoke down to them or patronized them with platitudes. He spoke as if he were commanding the attention of people capable of making a difference, perhaps even leading the way. They, in turn, sat up a little straighter, felt a little more valued and valuable, and understood a little more deeply.”

Ingrid Smith

Teacher, Wismer Public School, Markham

“The Keele/Mountview School community is so grateful to have had The Compassion Series as a part of our learning experiences at the school. The goal of our Career Day was to link essential academic skills and practices to future careers for our students. Tim’s message brought another level of essential skill building by emphasizing compassion, empathy and community as focal points for the personal growth of staff and students. It is our hope that our students continue to be inspired by the message of “bringing hope” so they can “serve well” in all stages of their lives and “celebrate” the communities they inspire as a result. We look forward to a continued relationship with The Compassion Series, using Tim’s writings and messages as guiding principles for how we learn, teach and most importantly, treat one another.”

Jennie Petko

Principal, Keele Street Junior P.S./Mountview Alternative School, (Toronto District School Board)

“The Compassion Series is important as it will definitely help raise awareness, build inclusiveness and help students to understand and appreciate how we are both different and the same in so many ways. Tim Huff helped our students to see and understand how their thoughts and feeling affect others, and how important it is to respect one another. Our students were fully engaged and very comfortable asking questions and making text-to-self and text-to-world connections.”

Karen Madarasz

Principal, Weston Memorial J.P.S.(Toronto District School Board)

“Wow, what a great presentation! Our students had so many questions and had great and fearless conversations. So many of them talked with their parents about it that night. The parents I heard from were so appreciative. Thank you for all that The Compassion Series is championing in our society!”

Len Janzen

Grade 4/5 Teacher, Maple Grove Public School (District School Board of Niagara)

“As team teachers of an inclusive classroom model for Special Education support, we feel creating an inclusive, supportive community is a key component to student success. Our students play an integral role in creating community and supporting one another. The Compassion Series has extended a challenge to our students to ‘Bring Hope, Serve Well and Celebrate’. Everyday our students read these three goals as guiding principles for our day and then share at the day’s end, their successes, however small, to make a change. While empowering for the students, they also learn the value of bringing compassion, empathy and kindness to others- holding these values as key concepts in practicing integrity and in creating community. Tim Huff’s keynote message on our Career Day motivated our students to make a change. Whether they have demonstrated an interest in partnering with a local agency to serve well or simply wanting to bring hope to a younger peer in the school community, they learned that the smallest gestures can create a positive impact on relationships. We look forward to a continued relationship with the compassion Series and the use of their guiding principles in our classrooms.”

Elena Carlyle and Olga Brown

Teachers, Keele Street Junior Public School (Toronto District School Board)

“We were very pleased to have had Tim Huff visit our school recently to talk to our students about homelessness as part of The Compassion Series. Excellent presentation that was interactive and informative. The students found the presentation relaxed and engaging, and many left saying this was the best author presentation they had ever had. The Compassion Series presentation generated many question from students on how they can make a difference, and more importantly, helped our students develop a greater compassion for the plight of those who are homeless through an increased awareness. I would highly recommend Tim and The Compassion Series for any group!”

Lori Tsotsos

Teacher Librarian, Irma Coulson Public School, Milton

“The Compassion Series’ Tim Huff visited our school this past November to kick off Empathy Month. His presentation of his book It’s Hard Not to Stare (Helping Children Understand Disabilities) truly resonated with our students and helped reinforce their respect and compassion towards those living with disabilities.”

Teresa Nesci

Teacher Librarian, H.J. Alexander Community School (TDSB)