Endorsements from those in the Catholic school board and other faith-based schools

“Tim Huff led a very heartfelt Compassion Series session with my staff. His words of inspiration and esteem truly reminded us of our calling to education and the importance of our impact on our students. We were reminded to bring hope, serve well, and celebrate even the smallest of victories among our students. Thank you, Tim, for your meaningful validation and encouragement for what we have been called to do.”

Lisa Defranco

Principal, Holy Family Catholic School, Toronto

“Tim Huff was one of the most well received speakers we have ever had at our annual Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic Leader’s retreats. His message about social-justice and hope is one that unifies us. He ignites in those who hear him a desire to do more and to ensure that our students look at others with compassion, respect, and dignity.”
Adrian Zulian

Principal, St. Nicholas Catholic School, Barrie

“We’ve had Tim Huff come to speak a number of times to our Catholic teachers, administrators and parents. The Compassion Series’ inspiring and uplifting message is unique and relevant. The focus on compassion and empathy creates a beautiful and socially just approach to dealing with many eclectic issues we have in our modern society. This simple yet powerful approach is truly inspiring!”
Michelle Reaume

Principal, St. Jerome C.E.S., Aurora

“Tim Huff spoke to our Wellington Catholic principals and vice principals at our annual conference in late August. We were preparing to open another school year and his message to bring hope, serve well, and celebrate was enthusiastically received. Our call to lead school communities is holy work, and Tim reminded us of the tremendous power we have to build people up, to be beacons of hope and to never tire of doing good. Tim inspired us and energized us for our mission to build up the Kingdom of God. We plan to invite him and The Compassion Series into our schools to share with our students.”
Richard Olson

Principal, Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School, Guelph

“Prior to having Tim Huff speak at our school, Tim met with our Spiritual Leadership Team of 6 students and 3 teachers and together we creatively discussed our goals for ‘Homeless Day’ for our school. The original plan was simply to have Tim speak at our school, but as we spoke at the meeting we knew we wanted something more for our day and something impactful for our students. A new plan rolled out beautifully. A few weeks later, Tim stayed with us all day and spoke to three different age levels in the morning, and spent time with the senior grades and answered questions and dealt with their stereotypes of homelessness later in the day. During that day, the Light Patrol team (a street outreach program Tim started, also a program of Youth Unlimited) came and soup was served to each grade from the 30ft Light Patrol mobile outreach unit. Each class prepared items for Light Patrol to share with homeless youth and adults that evening. All morning, each grade prepared their own items such as socks with encouraging words of scripture, blankets, sandwiches and wraps. Our grade 7 classes wrote letters to the three levels of government in Canada. In the afternoon, we had age appropriate discussions and activities for each grade. Our day was amazing, and one that students talked about a lot, even into the next year. We, as staff, felt that it changed their hearts towards homeless people and gave them a better understanding of what they must being going through. They had a deep respect for Tim and the way he led us that day. We all appreciated his time and the heartfelt way he led our students. Bless you Tim, and The Compassion Series, in all you do.”
Betty Panza

Director of Student Life and Leadership, John Knox Christian School, Oakville

“We were so thankful to have the opportunity for The Compassion Series’ Tim Huff to come into our school and speak to our high school students about how they can use their voice to make a difference in advocating for issues of social justice. Of particular interest to many of the students was in which ways Tim encouraged them that they could make a difference – through small acts of kindness, and the use of what Tim called ‘a gentle voice’. The students were moved by his stories, and were inspired by his challenge to be the difference in the lives of those who are often marginalized by our society. The students were so thankful to be in the presence of someone who valued their voice, and who was witness to the power of words to make a difference in our society.”
Heather Churchill

Grade 11 Teacher, Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill

“I have been privileged to hear Tim Huff speak on two occasions, first at the CPCO Conference in Toronto, and second for the Principals of HWCDS Board. Tim is inspirational, highly motivating and very humble. He awakens the sense to reach out and do what is needed to help the less fortunate in our society. Working in an inner city school for six years, I witnessed the love and helping hands of so many. I pray Tim continues to lead, with The Compassion Series, by example and spread the message of bringing hope to others for many years. Tim’s passion and willingness to speak and help those in need is making a difference in the lives of all who hear him.”
Cynthia Martino

Principal, St. Clare of Assisi, Stoney Creek

“Last year Tim Huff came to our school in Markham. During the day he spoke to the students in Grades 6 to 8. Then in the evening he spoke with parents and staff. The Compassion message resonated with both audiences. The students were engaged in the presentation and responded to Tim’s style as he shared his life experiences. The students felt his message was heartfelt and that increased the impact it had on them. The parent presentation was in a small group so it was interactive and everyone took away a special message. The parents were pleased that they were able to share in what the students had experienced during the day. We know this facilitated deeper conversations that followed at home. I would recommend Tim Huff for any school group as his theme of Compassion is central to all that we do.”
Linda Ward

Principal, St. Francis Xavier C.E.S.

“Tim Huff presented at the 2014 CPCO Conference. He inspired many Catholic School‎ leaders who stand in people’s lives to touch them, head, heart and hands. His presentation was an email to our souls, renewing our sense of purpose to include the needs of all in our daily work. His presentation was riveting and unforgettable.”
Deirdre Kinsella Biss and Marcelle DeFreitas

Communications Coordinator and Professional Learning Coordinator, Catholic Principals' Council of Ontario