Endorsements from Other Organizations & Individuals

“The Compassion Series message seems to be resonating with the teachers and school boards lined up to hear Huff speak. Last month, 600 Catholic school teachers responded to his presentation on social-justice with a standing ovation. That same week, he took his message to 75 school principals gathered in Orillia, and led two assemblies on homelessness for 800 students.”
The Toronto Star

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“Our teacher candidates were enthralled by The Compassion Series presentation. Their comments following were most insightful and heartfelt. Tim Huff truly made them feel valued as they embark on a journey of serving students with disabilities.”
Adele Wilkinson

Professor, York University

“Tim Huff was kind and gracious enough to visit our book club to discuss his book Bent Hope, after we had read it as a group. Tim is an amazing speaker and he answered all of our questions without judgment or hesitation. Initially I had thought just reading his book had really opened my eyes, our eyes, but once Tim left we had a whole new appreciation and understanding for the challenges and heartache that abound for people who are homeless. A lot of stereotypes were broken!”
Dawn Miller

Etobicoke Book Club

“Tim Huff has spoken more than once at The Olive Branch, and each time has managed to capture us all with his sincerity, his accurate description of need, based on personal experience, and his compelling call to hope. Somehow, Tim finds a way to help people want to make a difference by using hope and understanding, not guilt, as the motivating fuel. I will have him speak here as often as I am able.”
Ken Davis

Lead Pastor, The Olive Branch, Markham

“Our decision to spotlight community youth workers in the opening plenary session of our national conference, and hear the strong but gentle voice that Tim Huff brought, beautifully set the tone for the whole event.”
Marv Penner

CEO, Youth Specialties

“I knew from reading his book, Bent Hope, that Tim Huff is a brilliant storyteller but when he shares in person, he is dynamic.  Tim had over 400 people at the Living Rock Gala hanging on every word.  He has a way of articulating what we know to be true about the needs of street-involved youth and adults. Not only is he able to be a voice for youth but he is able to express concepts in a way that has stayed with me as a point of reflection all year.”
Karen Craig

Program Director, Living Rock Youth Outreach, Hamilton

“Reach for The Rainbow was fortunate to have Tim Huff present the keynote address to more than 270 young adults training to support children and youth with disabilities at integrated children’s camps across Ontario. Tim laid a strong foundation for our 25th Annual Conference, highlighting the value of freely offering one’s own time and compassion to individuals in need. His lived-in, gentle and assured message well connected with our audience – as one delegate wrote, ‘Tim was very encouraging and a great reminder of why we are doing what we are doing!'”
Breanne Butler and David Neal

25th Annual Reach for the Rainbow Conference || Excutive Director, Reach for the Rainbow