Here are just a few of the things people are saying about The Compassion Series:

“Tim’s presentation on bringing compassion to classrooms resonated very strongly with attendees. We all left the conference eager to bring hope, serve well, and celebrate.”

Emily Teves

Conference Chair, Queen's Conference on Education 2019

“Tim’s (Compassion Series) message brought another level of essential skill building by emphasizing compassion, empathy and community as focal points for the personal growth of staff and students.”

Jennie Pateko

Principal, Keele Street Junior School, Toronto

“What amazed me is that, when Tim came to bring The Compassion Series to my classroom of six year olds, he spoke with the same respectful, engaging and loving voice. They in turn, sat up a little straighter, felt a little more valued and valuable, and understood a little more deeply.”

Ingrid Smith

Teacher, Wismer Public School, Markham

“Tim ignites in those who hear him a desire to do more and to ensure that our students look at others with compassion, respect and dignity.”

Adrian Zulian

Principal, St. Nicholas Catholic School, Barrie

“The Compassion Series is important as it will definitely help raise awareness, build inclusiveness, and help students see and understand and appreciate how we are both different and the same in so many ways.”

Karen Madarasz

Principal, Weston Memorial Junior Public School, Toronto