In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Compassion Series team would like to do our part to offer a measure of hope, care and compassion to the world’s children and the grown-ups in their lives. For these difficult times, we are pleased to provide free access to view & read Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children below. We’re able to do this free of charge thanks to the partnership and permission of our generous publisher, Castle Quay Books. You can watch Tim Huff’s reading and discussion of Am I Safe? and other FB live sessions on our CS LIVE page. Below the slideshow, you’ll find our Covid-19 Colouring Pages created by Compassion Series founder, Tim Huff.


READ Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children:


Below you’ll find downloadable colouring pages and resources you can print off and share with your children at home – or colour them yourself! Our Thank You colouring pages honour different helpers during the Covid-19 pandemic (we know there are so many groups to honour, and we are working through a very long, growing and deserving list!). Our additional colouring pages are a way to send messages of love and hope to others. Please feel free to share far and wide!


Below you’ll find all resources related to the Compassion Series’ children’s book, Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children. This page includes information and activities that are referenced in the book, as well as some additional resources to help you dig deeper and explore farther. To purchase the book with its in-depth discussion guide, please visit the Compassion Series Books page.

It is our desire that these resources and tools would provide a few “jumping off points” for connecting with children around the ideas of fear, anxiety and other big, scary emotions. For those children with debilitating anxiety, perhaps these resources can offer a starting point for supportive conversations and greater understanding on the way to hope.

Please check out “A Heartbeat Away,” the beautiful song written by Steve Bell for, and as part of the “Am I Safe?” Project. Listen to the song here or watch the video.


ACTIVITY: Big Bad Feelings

(page 23)

Emoji Cards – Thank you to Marv Penner for graciously sharing this idea.
 You can find more emotions printables at

More Emotion Emojis – For Family Check-ins – NEW

Uncomfortable Emotion lists

ACTIVITY: Body Check

(page 25)

Body Shape Outline Printable

ACTIVITY: Grounding  

(page 29-30)

Big 5 Grounding Printable

ACTIVITY: Courage Kits  

(page 31)

Big 5 Grounding Printable (see Grounding ←)

Images of mountains to encourage mountain breathing:

Mountain illustration

Mountain Photograph


Coping: The Seven C’s of Resilence – Video by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication

The 7 Cs: The Essential Building Blocks of Resilience – Article on

Teaching Resilience – 25 Everyday Ideas for Teaching Kids Resilience – Article on

Building Resilient Children – a PDF booklet from the Psychology Foundation of Canada

Coping Skills List  – Free printable from

Apps to help children dealing with anxiety – Article on

Common Fears – by age group– Informative list of common fears listed by age



Making Sense of Anxiety, a video by Gordon Neufeld, Developmental Psychologist

Videos and helpsheets about adolescents and anxiety by Lifeteams


Stressed Out: Five Research Based Methods to Help Teens Beat Stress and Anxiety –  This E-book (PDF) is small but comprehensive, with a great and practical overview of anxiety in teens.

Dealing with Anxiety: Using the Strength of an Anxious Mind to Calm Anxiety – Article by Karen Young on

Anxiety in Kids and Teens: Why Anxiety Triggers Often Don’t Make Sense – And How to Turn Avoidance into Brave Behaviour – Article by Karen Young on

5 Tips for Talking to Children About Scary World Events – Article on

Exercise for Anxious Children – Why it Matters and How to Get Kids Moving – Article on

10 Activities to Help Students Explore Emotions – Article on

Infographic on Teen Anxiety – Infographic by Liahona Academy

How to Help Anxious Teens (Without Making It Worse) – Article by Rich Presta on

Hey Warrior – This page has information about Hey Warrior, another great kids’ book about anxiety. By Karen Young (For purchase, and for ages 5+).

Easing Kid Worries About Our Unpredictable World – Article by Michele Borba

Empathy in children and teens: A guide for the science-minded – Article by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D on

Your Fear Toolkit: how to help your child with fear and anxiety – Article on

Kelty’s Recommended Resources: Anxiety (for parents/caregivers) – A collection fo resources developed by the Kelty Centre in partnership with professionals from the BC Children’s Mental Health Program.

AIS Tragic Event Tip Sheet 2018


Click below to download three colouring pages that you can print off and share with the children in your care and/or classroom. These are special illustrations by Tim Huff created to match the themes and visuals in the book, inviting children to have fun colouring as they ponder the thoughts they have been introduced to in the book.

Am I Safe Colouring Page 1

Am I Safe Colouring page 2

Am I Safe Colouring Page 3