Steve Bell – A Heartbeat Away

About this special Steve Bell song and video, “A Heartbeat Away”:

Both Iona and I have known and admired Steve Bell for most of our adult lives. Steve was a dear co-worker with Iona many years ago in Winnipeg and, by way of many shared projects and travels, has come to be one of my most trusted and faithful friends.

While various versions of the Am I Safe? project had been swirling in my head since 9/11, it was years later on the drive to one of Steve’s concerts—while listening to the terrible news of the Sandy Hook school shootings on the radio—that I promised myself I’d somehow find a way to make it happen. After Steve’s concert that night I told him that I had this long-range plan for an Am I Safe? children’s book and that I really felt it needed a special song to go with it. At the time, I envisioned what I called a “family lullaby.” Without hesitation, Steve agreed to take it on. It was several years later, having sorted out a working plan with Iona and Castle Quay Books, when I circled back to my conversation with Steve.

On this special project Steve was blessed with the gift of a writing contribution from his daughter-in-law, singer-songwriter Diana Pops. Steve also invited two very talented friends into the fold: Erin Propp sharing duet vocals and Gilles Fournier on upright bass.

We are thrilled to share this song with you as a sweet gift, a humble commission honoured and a very significant element of the Am I Safe? project.

A link to a free audio download of “A Heartbeat Away” is available in every copy of the book Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children.

May you and those you cherish be greatly blessed by “A Heartbeat Away”

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A Heartbeat Away (by Steve Bell)
Lyrics by Steve Bell and Diana Pops
Duet Vocals by Steve Bell and Erin Propp
Guitar by Steve Bell
Upright Bass by Gilles Fournier
Produced by Steve Bell and Dave Zeglinski
Engineered by Dave Zeglinski
Video by Andrew Wall and Refuge 31 Films
Recorded at Signpost Music, Winnipeg, Canada

Steve Bell is truly one of Canada’s great treasures. An internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning singer-songwriter,
Steve has more than 20 beautiful albums to his name. Moreover, Steve is a gifted musician, speaker and writer who is rooted
in a deep faith and driven by the purest notions of compassion, justice, peace and goodness. For more visit