Speaker/Session Request Form


The Compassion Series does not have firmly set fees for Tim Huff and Jodi Janzen’s speaking engagements as it is very important to us that cost does not inhibit us from serving all those who want to bring the Compassion Series to their community. We process each inquiry individually, taking all factors into account including the nature of the event, distance, preparation and volunteers required, etc.

While finances do not dictate which speaking invitations are accepted, it is important to note that The Compassion Series, Jodi Janzen’s pay and Tim Huff’s salary are predominantly funded by private donations and honorariums. As such, we do ask that you thoughtfully consider what to offer as an honorarium. And we always ask that any travel and related expenses be covered for engagements outside the Greater Toronto Area.

As we are frequently asked about event and speaker costs, we humbly offer the following as guidelines for typical honorariums:

Interactive Classroom Session with Jodi Janzen: $200-400

School Assembly: $300-500

Keynote for educator and parent events with Tim Huff: $400-600

Keynote for principal and superintendent events with Tim Huff: $500-1000

Charity functions, congregations and community groups: $250-750

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