The Compassion Series has been graced with the friendship of some wonderful – and wonderfully generous – musicians. Over the years, they have crafted beautiful songs that embody the heart of Compassion Series books, whether through a cheerful Christmas tune or a tender offering for those experiencing fear and anxiety.

We’re happy to share this growing collection of original Compassion Series songs all in one place. Enjoy!

The music for this whimsical song was composed and performed by acclaimed singer songwriter Steve Bell. Lyrics are from Tim Huff’s nursery rhyme, “Bunnies Don’t Run” from Pop-Pop’s Nursery Rhyme Parade.

Lyrics by Tim Huff
Music composed by Steve Bell
Vocals by Steve Bell
Guitar by Steve Bell
Produced by Steve Bell and Dave Zeglinski
Engineered by Dave Zeglinski
Recorded at Signpost Music, Winnipeg, Canada.

Bunnies Don't Run

by Steve Bell | for The Compassion Series

This tender song by acclaimed singer songwriter Steve Bell is a perfect companion to Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children. On this special project Steve was blessed with the gift of a writing contribution from his daughter-in-law, singer-songwriter Diana Pops. Steve also invited two very talented friends into the fold: Erin Propp sharing duet vocals and Gilles Fournier on upright bass.

Lyrics by Steve Bell and Diana Pops
Duet Vocals by Steve Bell and Erin Propp
Guitar by Steve Bell
Upright Bass by Gilles Fournier
Produced by Steve Bell and Dave Zeglinski
Engineered by Dave Zeglinski
Video by Andrew Wall and Refuge 31 Films
Recorded at Signpost Music, Winnipeg, Canada

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A Heartbeat Away

by Steve Bell | for The Compassion Series

The song “Gently” was written, arranged and recorded by artist and composer Mike Janzen as a companion song for The Jellybean Kid project. This beautiful composition is purposely both wordless and gentle. Our hope is that in some small measure this music blesses your reflection and/or prayer time, alone or with loved ones.

Written, arranged, performed and produced by Mike Janzen.
Recorded in Toronto, Canada

This song is magical, playful, fun and tender all at once in melody, lyric and tone. It is the perfect companion piece for our 2019 book of the same name, “Make Way for the Christmas Hush.” 

Music by: Mike Janzen
Lyrics by: Mike Janzen and Tim Huff
Piano and Vocals: Mike Janzen
Upright Bass: Ross Macintyre
Drums: Davide DiRenzo
Produced by: Mike Janzen
Engineered and Mixed by: Timothy Abraham
Assistant Engineer: Jon Unger
Video by Pete Klassen

Make Way for the Christmas Hush

by Mike Janzen | for The Compassion Series