Compassion Series Sessions


Now more than ever, our children and our communities need tools to help us look at ourselves, others and our world through a lens of compassion. The Compassion Series offers interactive classroom presentations and school assemblies for children and youth as well as unique presentations for parents, educators and education leaders who are engaged in both public and faith-based schools and school boards. Visit our Speakers page to learn more about Tim Huff, Jodi Janzen, Iona Snair and Margie Timpson.

We also offer a values-based approach or a faith-based approach during our time together.

Popular Themes
Some of the popular themes in our classroom presentations are “Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children” and “The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge: Helping Children understand Homelessness.”  You can read more about the related books and other resources here.

We’d be honoured to join you
To invite someone from the Compassion Series to speak at your event, please use our Online Form.