Homelessness Video Resource

Introduction to the classroom/family resource video designed to accompany The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bride: Helping Children Understand Homelessness.

We invite you to view the first minute and a half introduction of this special ten minute resource video, crafted to share with the children and youth in your care. Follow the quick and simple details below the video screen to access the full video.

There is no financial cost to view and make use of the full 10 minute Cardboard Shack/homelessness resource video for children. (Funds are donated from gracious private donors, and through event honourariums, to create Compassion Series resources.) The only cost to you is 30 seconds or less of your time to submit the very basic required-for-use information below. An email (with user name and password) will then be sent directly to you so you can access the full video for your use at anytime. Please consider the additional “optional” information fields as well; the optional information is very helpful at our end, but is not required.
Access the Full 10 min. Video