Original Compassion Series Resource Videos

Here you will find a collection of original Compassion Series videos.

The Only To-Do List That Matters

View Tim Huff’s TEDxTalk.

Homelessness Video Resource

This is a short introduction to the full-length video. There is no financial cost to view and make use of the full 10 minute Cardboard Shack/homelessness resource video for children. (Funds are donated from gracious private donors, and through event honourariums, to create Compassion Series resources.) To watch and use the full-length video, please visit the Homelessness Video page and follow the instructions provided. 

Introduction to the classroom/family resource video designed to accompany The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bride: Helping Children Understand Homelessness

Mariusz & Len

This brief, tender, original profile video shares the heartbeat of The Compassion Series.